Web Hosting business is diminishing. WHY?

Today, am directly coming to the point why the web hosting business is diminishing now. Actually this field is a tight competition field. Lot many new startups are coming in to this field to play the game. But 96% are fail. why? do you think of it. everyone is thinking that this is a game which we can gain more profit and its absolutely right. it’s not the reason. As a profitable and less expensive business most of the young once are coming here for just pocket money. My dear friends understand that it’s a service sector so service is most important thing than the product you deliver.

Now you are thinking that why I said its less expensive business, actually it’s a less expensive business. you can start a hosting business by just an expense of Rs.1000/yr. Its because some companies like Hostmargin are providing reseller hosting for just Rs.1000/yr.

Actually many of you are miss understanding this type of hosting companies. When you look them you will say “Cheap price. hmm. then they have poor servers”. Its actually wrong. There are companies like Hostmargin, Hostmalabar etc. which gives you excellent support, 99.9% uptime servers.

I recommend you to take a trial from hostmargin( and check their performance and service. They are truly dedicated team.

Oops. Sorry I diverted from the topic. So what I am saying that they are mainly here for pocket money. So friends I just want to say that before making a consumption please check the quality in their service and conform whether they are for pocket money or for providing service.

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Bibith K Mathew (born on 29 July 1998) is an Indian Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the CEO and Managing Director Vebcy Innovations and HostMargin India.

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