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TunnelBear: Simple & secure VPN Review

TunnelBear: Simple & secure VPN Review 1

Web is an open space to everyone and to anyone. To keep your personal information’s secure in web, you need a Virtual Private Network(VPN).

An open Wi-Fi is not soo that much secure and safe. If that network is created by malevolent forces. It may affect your privacy. Anyone can track you, can attack your devices. You might lose your private data.

To avoid these all things, we can use VPN. Actually, VPN can be used as a secure mechanism. It will allow you to protect yourself from unknowns.


When a VPN is ON, your Web traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel to a server managed by the VPN service provider. That keeps your information safe from data thieves with phony networks.

When your traffic exits to the Web through the VPN server, you appear to have an IP address at that server’s location. This protects your real identity as you browse the Web.

To be frank, TunnelBear is the easiest VPN programs I’ve ever used. TunnelBear come with both free and paid version. It does not make many restrictions, except the 500MB of Data per month. It support Windows, MAC, IOS and Android.

TunnelBear: Simple & secure VPN Review 2


TunnelBear Pricing

TunnelBear have two paid plans. One is Giant and the other one is Grizzly plan. Giant plan cost monthly $9.99 with unlimited data per month. The Grizzly plan cost monthly $4.99 and $59.88 for 12 months.

When we compare it with other VPN service providers. This VPN provides this Unlimited data at this cheap price ever.

TunnelBear: Simple & secure VPN Review 3

[button url=”” style=”blue” size=”medium” type=”round” icon=”icon-download” target=”_self”] Download TunnelBear Free[/button]


Here I will show you the speedtest screen shots. TunnelBear provides 2X speed than my normal network speed. When I test VPNs, I look at performance when connected to a domestic (INDIAN) server and an international server(US).

TunnelBear Network
Domestic Network

It increased my Downloading Speed from 1.70Mbps to 4.66Mbps. But it disappointed me in the case of Uploading speed. It reduced from 0.72MB to 0.53MB.

TunnelBear boasts some pretty impressive security protocols. It has a strict no-logs policy in place, meaning that it does not monitor or store any information regarding the online activities of its users.


The first step is to Sign up. It’s actually a straightforward process. All you do is put in your email address and password, and the site automatically directs you to the download page.

Simply click the download button for your platform of choice. Downloading the software should take seconds, after which you can launch the setup wizard.

After the setup is completed, you will be asked to enter the email address and password. Finally, it will ask you to check your inbox for its account confirmation email.

Once the verification process is complete, all you have to do is open TunnelBear.

You can tweet about TunnelBear to get 1GB of Data to your free plan.

Here I will show you the Interface on MAC.

Open TunnelBear. The interface will open on the top bar.

TunnelBear: Simple & secure VPN Review 4

In the IMAGE 1 you can see a sheep standing, and that’s your present location. In both IMAGE 1 & IMAGE 2 you can see some tunnel’s. That’s the different networks of TunnelBear in different locations.

To activate a Network, click on the tunnel location or on the top drop down and select the location you wish. After all, Switch it ON.

TunnelBear: Simple & secure VPN Review 5

That’s all! You are Now connected with TunnelBear VPN. Have Safe & Secure browsing.

Available Platforms

TunnelBear is available on Windows and later, OS X and later, Android, IOS platforms. The client provides fast, smooth experience, no matter what your operating system or device.

TunnelBear also boasts a browser extension that is free to download and compatible with Chrome and Opera. The browser extension has a nice, simple design. It works with Linux, Chrome OS, OS X, and Windows, and is easy to install.


Nothing is there to say as negative. Feels all positive. Five simultaneous connections, Good customer support, Servers in over 20 countries, Tough encryption protocols, Transparency, No-logs policy, different platform availability, Optional GhostBear feature, Browser extension, are some of the key points about TunnelBear.

You can take it for a test run by signing up for a free account via the button below! And I recommend you to use this perfect VPN.

[button url=”” style=”orange” size=”medium” type=”square” icon=”icon-web” target=”_self”] Visit TunnelBear [/button]

You can place your review about your usage on the comment box below. Share it and support,

Thank You 🙂


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