Thousands of Free Music Tracks for YouTubers

Many of the youtubers are facing the issue of copyright. It’s mostly due to the background music. The music that we use as background is one of the main reason for making user a copyright violator even without his own knowledge.

Copyright violation on youtube is really a serious issue. They may suspend/terminate your youtube account and channel without any notice.

As the topic title, lets see how to download Thousands of Free Music Tracks for YouTubers Legally.

YouTube Audio Library


It was launched in 2013 with 1,000+ free musical tracks. Increase in copyright issue due to the background music is the reason behind the creation of this audio library.

The youtube audio library is available in creator studio.

  1. Go to Creator Studio > Create > Audio Library.
  2. Use the tabs at the top of the page to choose Free music or Sound effects.
  3. The bars next to the songs show how popular a track is.
  4. A small icon indicates the Creative Commons attribution.
  5. Sort through the tracks by Genre, Mood, Duration, etc. Click the down arrow to Download it.
  6. For easy access in the future, select the star to add the track to your Favorites.

Now lets make the video contents more impressive and legally.

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Bibith K Mathew (born on 29 July 1998) is an Indian Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the CEO and Managing Director Vebcy Innovations and HostMargin India.

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