Trending Websites Makes a Surprising Return With Bitcoin Miner Script Makes a Surprising Return With Bitcoin Miner Script 1

The website which was really a major nuisance for the music industry, which has caused it to be taken down from the Internet numerous times. As a Indian who are using internet for past decade are very familiar with it.

YES!! Makes a Surprising Return to Internet with Bitcoin Miner Script. Many suspicious and illegal websites are now deploying “in-browser”  mining software to use their visitor’s resources to obtain Bitcoin. has also adopted the said model. Makes a Surprising Return With Bitcoin Miner Script 2

The website boasts of 16+ million monthly visitors with an average bounce rate of 55 percent and that is enough traffic for the website to easily mine Bitcoins using an in-browser script. This may cause you browser to use your resources will become quite laggy.

You can stop any suspicious website from using your system’s resources using software’s like minorBlock.


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Bibith K Mathew (born on 29 July 1998) is an Indian Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the CEO and Managing Director of TalkBate Digital Partners.

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