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Optimize Memory Usage on Window 10 with MemPlus

If you are using a Windows 10 Laptop or desktop with low RAM, then one of the ways to make it faster is to add more RAM. But before doing that step, you can try improving the performance by optimizing the memory usage. One such app which helps in optimizing the memory usage is MemPlus. MEmPlus is a free app to optimize memory usage on Windows 10.

Sometimes if your PC is running on low RAM, some of the apps will not work properly and this is where MemPlus helps in optimizing the RAM usage.

Once you open the app, it shows the available physical memory and used memory. It has the clear memory button and with one click it releases the RAM used by currently running application. In effect, it frees up memory so that more memory is available to you for other apps.

The app has a very simple interface which shows all the required details.

With the RAM Analyzer that will assist in recovering your system’s installed RAM specification. You can also export the details to TXT, HTML, CSV and Excel formats.

From the app settings, you can also set to automatically optimize RAM when usage exceeds a percentage. You also have the option to optimize it after a fixed interval.

Overall MemPlus is an effective way to optimize RAM usage on Windows 10.

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