YouTube channel terminated

YouTube channel terminated 1

Actually I’m fed up with this youtube guide lines and policy. Youtube have so much unwanted guide lines policy that make an end to a person huge effort to gain something.

It’s not more than 2 -3 months, i started to work with youtube to create a informative and entertaining tech channel. But in this small time span itself, i started hating youtube.


I feel like youtube do not mind a persons effort. They are not at all maintaining a touch with the channel creators effort. See, there are someone but 95% of people can’t make a sudden born to youtube with a trending and most informative content.

Every one have some efforts to born on youtube. The youtube never minds it.

Every youtubers have some waisting of money, time, human effort, skills, you to compete with the other youtubers to be the first or to be noted.

YouTube a several community guidelines. In my situations, they terminated my channel due to some violation of the guidelines.

YouTube channel terminated 2

First time, they suspended my youtube channel due to the violation and i recreated it. Now they terminated it for the violation. At present, my youtube channel, views and all are gone. The very much painful thing is that, they made the both suspension  and termination without any notice.

They don’t even gave me another chance to make it better and clean. Now i can’t access my youtube account / channel. For the first when they suspend the account, i admit it that, i have mistake from my side. Due to spamming they suspended me.

But in the second time, when they terminated the account. I’m dam sure, I’m so much pure in this case, because you don’t even done any type of spamming / promotion tricks to improve my views and subscription.

I appeal with youtube to regain my channel and asked for the correct reason for the termination. They disappointed me and replayed.

YouTube channel terminated 3


A new YouTube Channel is Created:

Stay tune with TechyStatus and keep supporting. So, our old youtube channel is no more so the links are broken.

Our videos will also be uploaded on our facebook page.

Facebook: facebook.com/techystatus/

Follow the link and get our tech informative videos & updates.

A new article about the YouTube Community Guidelines will be soon. It will explain whole things that you want to be concern about, while working for a channel.

Note: In this section, i just explained the thing that happened to me. This is just to inform others, that it can happen in your case too.


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Bibith K Mathew (born on 29 July 1998) is an Indian Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the CEO and Managing Director of TalkBate Digital Partners.

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