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How to Convert Outlook Express DBX to Outlook PST?

To Convert Outlook Express DBX to PST is not an easy task, as it seems to be. Therefore, many users remain confused that how to migrate Outlook Express to Outlook. Everyone wants to know a relevant and quick solution, which is hard to find. However, from now it is going to be easy and less complicated. As we have come up with two methods to migrate Outlook Express data files into Outlook. One is manual and other one is a trouble-free way. Go through both the methods and pick any of them as per the requirement. Before that, let us understand the reasons to convert DBX to PST.

Reasons to Convert Outlook Express .dbx to Outlook PST

These are some factors, which are responsible behind converting Outlook Express to PST:

  1. Due to the popularity of Microsoft Outlook among organizations
  2. MS Outlook is a secure platform and stores its entire data in one file format i.e. PST
  3. Sometimes changing from one company to the other also generates the need to export data from Outlook Express to Outlook PST.

Manual Method to Convert DBX to PST

While going through the manual procedure to Migrate Outlook Express data to Outlook, Windows Live Mail is an intermediary. The process is divided into two steps as mentioned below:

  1. MS Outlook Express (OE) to Windows Live Mail (WLM)
  2. Windows Live Mail (WLM) to PST Format

MS Outlook Express (OE) to Windows Live Mail (WLM)

  1. In the first step, download & install Windows Live Mail
  2. After this, choose File >> Import >> Messages
  3. Once you have done this, you need to choose Microsoft Outlook Express and then hit on Next
  4. Now, choose Import mail from an OE6 store directory & then simply click on Browse
  5. Locate DBX file to proceed further and for this, click on Select Folder and after that click on Next
  6. You need to choose between All Folders / Selected Folders & click on Next option
  7. Finally, you need to click on Finish.
  8. After you, import data from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail. Now, to convert these files into PST go to the next section.

Windows Live Mail (WLM) to PST

  1. Firstly, open Microsoft Outlook & Windows Live Mail
  2. Now, hit on File then, Export and finally on Email messages in Windows Live Mail
  3. After this, choose the format Microsoft Exchange & then hit on Next
  4. You can see a pop-up window displaying all email will be exported to Microsoft Outlook. Select the button of Ok
  5. Now finally, you can check the entire data of Outlook Express in PST format.

Manual Method: Not Recommended to Export DBX to PST

There are some limitations attached to Manual solution as mentioned below:

  1. As it is lengthy process, therefore, users have to devote much time to complete the migration of Outlook Express DBX data to PST format.
  2. To execute manual procedure there is a need for technical expertise as it seems tough to some users.

Alternative Method to Migrate Outlook Express Data to Outlook

To triumph over the drawbacks of manual approach, users can go for a trouble free solution. One such trouble free solution is DBX to PST Converter. This is designed for the conversion of data from Outlook Express to Outlook PST format. It comes up with so many amazing features and one of the best features is its ability to migrate Outlook Express data to Outlook in batch mode. Moreover, there is no file size limitation while performing this conversion. The software maintains the integrity of the data throughout the whole process. It is supported on all the versions of Windows Operating system.


Switching from one to another platform sometimes help users to sustain the continuity of the work. Therefore, after considering the need to access Outlook Express data into Outlook we have come up with a manual method to convert DBX to PST. However, it is a less suggested method due to some associated limitations. This ultimately leads the user for a third party utility, which is introduced in the above part of the blog.

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