So many hidden features are there on WhatsApp. Some of the Features given here are know to some and some are unknown. In the above video, all the features are well show to you. Here is some brief description on WhatsApp Hidden Features.

1. Format Message Text

In WhatsApp you can make format to message text. Like Bold, Italics & Strike text. You can done this by using some Punctuation Marks.

  • *Bold Text* – Use ‘*’ before and after the text to get Bold.
  • _Italic Text_ – Use ‘_’ before and after the text to get Italic Text.
  • ~StrikeText~ – Use ‘~’ before and after the text to get Strike Text.
TextFormat| TechyStatus

2. Star a Image

From the latest update now you can Star a message as Fav. You that you can check that message only whenever you needed it.

3. Get Message Details

After sending a message to other and they read the message. After sometime, you need to know when the message is delivered and when the message is read by the other person.

You just need to hold on the message that you need to get the information and tap on the Information icon that appear above.

4. Mute Conversation

If you want to mute the conversation of a person for some time. Just Follow the steps, Go to that persons profile, select mute option and select the time period that you want to make him/her mute.


5. Privacy Settings


You can edit your Privacy setting on WhatsApp like Last Seen, Profile photo, About, Status. You can change the visibility of these things. You can make it visible for Everyone, Contacts only or no one.

Go to Settings > Account > Provacy

Hidden WhatsApp Features 7
Privacy Settings | TechyStatus

6. Disable Read Receipts

You can disable the read receipts from:

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy

Hidden WhatsApp Features 8
Disable Read Receipts | TechyStatus

7. Saving Incoming Data

You can set the method by which WhatsApp medias / data should be save on your Phone.

Go to Settings > Data Usage

Hidden WhatsApp Features 9
Save Incoming Data | TechyStatus

8. Connect WhatsApp with Computer

Now you can connect your WhatsApp account with your Computer. It’s very simple by scanning the QR Code from the WhatsApp web page.

Visit on your system. Go to menu on WhatsApp and select WhatsApp web and finally scan the QR Code that display on the webpage with you phone.

Hidden WhatsApp Features 10
WhatsApp Web

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