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Google Stadia game streaming service

Since they launched the Project Stream service last Fall, We all have been expecting Google to make a big gaming-related announcement. Stadia is a full cross-platform game streaming service that doesn’t require special hardware.

Stadia key features

Stadia’s architecture has been built on Google’s data center tech which also powers its search results. It’s been infused with gaming-focussed hardware to keep up with the task of streaming heavy games. Powering the data centers is the Stadia GPU from AMD which is at 10.7 teraflops. This is nearly double of what the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro has, making it possible to play games like Doom Eternal running at 4K 60fps in HDR on Stadia.

The company claims that it has been testing Stadia’s tech internally for years and plans to allow for 4K 60fps gameplay with HDR in surround sound when it’s available for all. Eventually Stadia will also scale up to 8K too. Google confirmed that multiplayer games will be supported as well. These would include battle royale and couch-based co-op experiences.

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