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Download Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers

The most popular smartphone operating system(OS) Android, recently shared some new Spring 2018 wallpapers for smartphones around the world. These wallpapers were shared on Facebook & Instagram from Google’s official account in the form of Instagram Stories.

The wallpapers are designed by Google for the Spring season which has started now and the wallpapers reflect the Spring theme. From are wallpaper google is trying to give a hind of whats the next version of Android ‘P’ is. And believed that the next version of Android could be named as Android Popsicle.

Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers

They introduced 6 wallpapers of Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers. Now, as far as the Spring 2018 wallpapers are concerned, the company mentioned in its Instagram stories that the wallpapers are needed to be screenshotted in order to set them as your wallpapers.

Let’s talk about the design. Out of the 6 wallpapers, one of the wallpapers has a text containing spring wishes. Apart from that, other 4 wallpapers are designed for Spring as well with flowers, kites and beach sketches.

Now, we are here with the latest spring 2018 stock wallpapers. You can download it ones that you like and set them as your wallpapers. Also you can download the entire zip file to get all the wallpapers in a single folder.

Image Source: Google


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