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DoubleClick For Publisher(DFP) Key DFP Terminology – PART 2

Confused about the difference between a company and a creative, a line item and an order? Don’t sweat it. Here’s our glossary of frequently used DFP terms.

  • DFP Network– everything in your DFP account
  • Company– where 3rd party entities are set up by name in DFP to be associated with orders
  • Advertiser– the agency, network, or direct brand advertiser that will be trafficking ads via DFP
  • Ad unit– the basic unit of web page inventory made up of one* or more available spaces or slots where an ad can appear. Note that you can group one or more ad slots into an ad unit, for clear organization and tracking, we recommend that you keep a 1:1 relationship between ad slots and ad units.
  • Order– the organizational container for campaign line items which contain ad creatives or ad tags
  • Line item– the campaign consisting of flight starts and end dates, targeted ad unit or other
  • Creative– the actual ad creative either in the form of an ad tag code snippet or script
  • Placements– groupings of ad units

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