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DoubleClick For Publisher(DFP) Tutorials Introduction – PART 1

Organize your ad stack and increase your ad revenue with this step-by-step guide to Google DoubleClick for Publishers.

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is a powerful ad server developed by Google. It helps publishers organize their ad stacks and sell their ad inventory more efficiently. Apart from Google Adsense, this is the platform to sell our own ads. Simply Google Adsense is the platform to sell the ads of others in our blogs/websites and the Google DFP is the platform to sell our ads on our or others blog/website

There are two DFP platforms:

  • DFP Small Business: DFP Small Business is a free product best suited for smaller to growing publishers.
  • DFP Premium: DFP Premium is a paid service for the sites with high traffic and complex advertising setups. It also includes Google Support in the form of an assigned account manager.

To qualify DFP Premium, your site must garner at least 90 million monthly impressions.

DFP beats hardcoding ads onto your site.

Hardcoding have many drawbacks when we compare with DFP. With hardcoding, you need additional technology in order to manage and analyze the performance of your ads. Google introduced DFP as a complete solution for hardcoding ads.

  • With DFP you can manage multiple advertising partners on one platform.
  • DFP provides powerful, world-class reporting, meaning you will have all the data you need to help optimize your ads.
  • It decreases latency, meaning your website loads faster.
  • With DFP you can also segment international and domestic traffic, which is helpful if you have predominantly international traffic.

Hope you all understand the Introduction part of DoubleClick For Publisher(DFP) Tutorial. In DoubleClick For Publisher(DFP) Tutorial PART 2, we will see the Key DFP Terminologies.

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