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C Programming

C program which uses 5 functions from MATH.h

C program which uses 5 functions from MATH.h.

int main()
	float a,b;
	printf("Enter Two Numbers:");
	scanf("%f %f",&a,&b);
	printf("\nLog Values are %.2f and %.2f",log(a),log(b));
	printf("\nPower %.2f ^ %.2f=%.2f",a,b,pow(a,b));
	printf("\nFloor Values are %.2f and %.2f",floor(a),floor(b));
	printf("\nCeil Values are %.2f and %.2f",ceil(a),ceil(b));
	printf("\nSquare Roots are %.2f and %.2f",sqrt(a),sqrt(b));
	return 0;


Enter Two Numbers:4

Log Values are 1.39 and 2.08
Power 4.00 ^ 8.00=65536.00
Floor Values are 4.00 and 8.00
Ceil Values are 4.00 and 8.00
Square Roots are 2.00 and 2.83

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