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Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Android

Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Android 1

Due to the policies of YouTube, the videos on the YouTube cannot be downloadable. It does not promote YouTube downloaders but still there are tons of options out there if you want are looking for a way. But now the company itself provides an option on the application to download the video and you can watch it whenever you need and even when you are offline. This feature will not allow you to keep the video inside your storage media. It keeps the media on the youtube platform itself. Here is some android application allow you to download the YouTube videos to your storage media.

5 Best YouTube Video Best YouTube Video Downloaders

1. YouTube Ninja

The app lets you download from YouTube using your Android own downloader. Search for the videos locally and click the download button, or you can use the existing YouTube application by clicking the share button and selecting YouTube ninja. You’ll find the interface bland, not fun. I’ll only recommend this one if you are really desperate to download YouTube videos. While using the app we found it to be lagging, can just be our test unit.

2. SnapTube

Dreamt about all the online videos services being in one place? You got it(almost). From Instagram and Facebook to daily motion and vine, even “those”. The amazing thing is the option to choose from MP3 to 2K option. Open the video and select the download button to choose a download quality you like. The better quality you choose, larger will be the file size.

3. Tubemate

Tubemate has been one of the major YouTube downloader and one of the first. The problem is, it does tend not to download some videos especially in the higher quality spectrum and if you want to download in MP3 format, you’ll have to download a different app along with Tubemate, otherwise, it’s almost perfect, with almost a perfect download manager which offers multi-thread download with auto-resume.

4. GetTube

Download or stream in the background your favorite music and videos on YT. GetTube lets you download YouTube videos in any quality ranging from 144p to 4K. The downloader supports multithread to offer the fastest speed possible and a hassle-free auto-resume, if and when you lose connection. One can also download by sharing the video link from the YouTube app to make downloading easier, ‘coz, in reality, the interface isn’t much lovable.

5. YDownload

Essentially a downloader only, but the app also has an option to draw YouTube screen over other apps on the screen (it will ask for the necessary permissions required by it). An interesting thing is the option to seek videos just by moving your fingers from left to right instead of double-clicking on the left side or right. You will also be able the increase the volume level using ‘up and down’ gesture on the player screen. The not-so-good thing about YDownload is the performance, I can say, “I am not a big fan”. You won’t be getting a YouTube feed like homepage, instead, you will have to search for the videos you want to watch.

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