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C Programming

Basic C Program to implement the data types

Basic C Program to implement the data types 1

Basic Program to implement the data types- Receive and Print integer, float, char and double. Also find the size of memory for each datatype in different compilers.

int main()
     int  a;
     char b;
     float c;
     double d;
     printf("The size of integer is: %ld \n",sizeof(int));         
     printf("The size of char is: %ld \n",sizeof(char));
     printf("The size of float is: %ld \n",sizeof(float));
     printf("The size of double is: %ld \n",sizeof(double));
     return 0;


The size of integer is: 4
The size of char is: 1
The size of float is: 4
The size of double is: 8

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