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Apple Hardware Cost 4X than Windows Hardware

This article is just to share my experience with apple care. Before one month, my MacBook Pro 13-inch mid 2012 model met with a HardDisk(HDD) complaint. Before getting started to the core topic, please note this article is written to know the exact ideology of  Why Apple MacBook Hardware Cost 4X than Windows Hardware.

When I shared my incident with my friend, he was just shocked and he suddenly replied, Dear Bibith, I was in search of a client like you for the last some years. Why don’t you come to me and consult about your Apple product so that I can charge 15,000 bugs instead of a hardware costing 3000 bugs.

My incident is that I consulted the Icare Center for the solution. After 48Hrs of diagnostics, they replayed me its the complaint of HardDisk so you need to change the HardDisk and it will cost Rs.13000 + service charge. I suddenly WHOT! 13,000 for a 500GB HDD. Holy Shit!. Then I asked some of my friends regarding the price. Most replayed yes, it may cost because this is Apple. Ya, when they told that I also taught. “Ha! They are right, It’s Apple”. Fine, I’m ready to pay the bugs and I paid for it and they replaced my hard disk with the new hard disk.  I asked my HardDisk back, they told me, “No Sir, We can’t because we want to return the damaged product to the Head Office”. But that bullshit taught “This Is Apple” made me accept that too.

As I told you above, I shared this incident with my friend, he told me, there is nothing big in Apple Hardware except the board supportive configuration. You can just buy the same config hardware (HDD) from the local market and you can make it fit out on MacBook for Just Rs.4000 something.

Dear readers, after reading the article, Kindly mention your opinion, What make apple to cost hardware component this much, Is there any things to understand or Just because of the Brand Name “Apple” in the comment box below.

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Bibith K Mathew (born on 29 July 1998) is an Indian Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the CEO and Managing Director Vebcy Innovations and HostMargin India.

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