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Android P

Android P Developer Preview Details – Eligible Devices & How to Install

Android P Developer Preview Details – Eligible Devices & How to Install 1

The developer previews are for application developers to ensure that app developers get ample time to understand what’s new in Android P and make the required changes in the app code. Due to this, when the Android P rolled to the end users, smooth and stable apps will be available for them.

Who should use the Android P Developer Preview?

  • App & system developers.
  • Persons involved in modding, themes and all kinds of related development activities.
  • Google/Android fans who want to stay updated about what’s happening.
  • Community enthusiasts who want to check the code and find vulnerabilities.
  • People who just cannot live without running the latest Android version, even if that means tackling bugs.

Is there any RISK?

The risk is a factor that involves in anything/everything. By using the Android P Beta, you assume the following risks.

  • System instability.
  • Some apps can crash randomly.
  • Certain phone functions can be broken.
  • Some apps will be unavailable.
Note: It's better to avoid the device that you are using for day-to-day 
activities. Because the risk is uncertain.

Devices eligible for Android P Beta/Developer Preview

BrandModelsMore Details
GooglePixel, Pixel XL
Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL
Get the Beta
Nokia7 plusGet the Beta
EssentialEssential PhoneGet the Beta
SonyXpreia Z2Get the Beta
OPPOR15 ProGet the Beta
OnePlusOnePlus 6Available after launch
XiaomiMi Mix 2SGet the Beta
VivoX21. X21 UDGet the Beta
Note: Download and installation instructions are available on the website of your phone manufacturer

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