An Authentic Method to Export MBOX to Outlook PST Files

An Authentic Method to Export MBOX to Outlook PST Files 1

We all know that emails have become an integral part of our daily lives. Be it individuals or ankara escort bayan organizations – both big and small, the preferred way of communication is via emails. There was a time when having one email account was more than enough for one person. But that is not the case anymore. People use multiple email accounts for different purposes and a place to manage them all at once is called an email client. With desktop email clients, one can easily work with multiple email accounts and even choose to save the data on the local system instead of having them on the server.

mbox to pst

But in this world of ever-changing technology, it is not a surprise that users do not retain an email client for a lifetime. For reasons such as better productivity, security, and accessibility, users tend to switch from one email client to another. And so is the case with MBOX to Outlook conversion. kızılay escort In this article, we will know a bit about MBOX & Outlook data files, and view the process of converting MBOX to PST files. Read more to get an unbiased review about MBOX to Outlook converter, which has been tagged as the best software in its arena by thousands of users.

Quick Overview of MBOX and PST Files

There are more than 18 email clients worldwide that use MBOX format to store emails and attachments. Thus making it the most common mailbox storage file format in use today.

PST file is the sole property of Microsoft and is used by the Outlook email client to store data. Unlike MBOX, the PST format saves emails, attachments, tasks, journals, and contacts.

When the term “MBOX to Outlook conversion” is used, it generally means exporting emails of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Opera Mail, Entourage, and other MBOX-based email clients into PST file format.

Why A Quality Converter is Required to Export MBOX to Outlook?

Bear in mind that the requirement of software and quality software is completely different.

In this case, the software is required because of the lack of official solutions. MS Outlook, however big and valued it is, does not provide any option to import the MBOX files. And the manual methods that we come across on the web are either outdated or laced with so many risks that they are completely impractical and irrelevant. Thus, around 95% of users opt for a third party software solution.

Now comes the task of choosing a quality software among this horde present online. Reviewing a bunch of MBOX converter applications is not an easy task. We came across tools that hang, provide blank files as a result, and even loses basic email formatting/attributes after conversion. But with SysTools MBOX to Outlook converter, everything was as smooth as butter. And hence, we put together a review for all those users suffering at the hands of incompetent tools.

Introduction to SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter

It is easily one of the best software applications available online to export MBOX to Outlook PST in bulk. This tool has a simple yet intuitive UI allowing both the technical and non-technical users to operate it easily. There is no limitation on the file size, thus allowing conversion of both large and small MBOX files in bulk. It makes sure that all the emails are exported from MBOX files along with attachments and all other attributes. After downloading and opening the tool, the first window will be displayed as follows:

export mbox to outlook

Technical Specifications:

Following are the technical requirements and information of the tool:

  • Name – SysTools MBOX Converter
  • Size – 25.3 MB
  • Version – 4.0
  • OS – Windows 10, 8, 7 and below versions
  • External Application Requirement – None
  • Free Version – Export 25 emails per folder from MBOX to Outlook PST
  • Export Formats – PST, MSG, EML, NSF, HTML

A Look at the Key Features:

Export MBOX to Outlook with Complete Metadata

SysTools MBOX to PST converter easily exports multiple MBOX files into the Outlook PST format. It converts the entire mailbox items including emails and attachments. It even preserves the email metadata attributes such as subject, date, addresses, and more.

Supports both Batch & Selective Conversion

Users can easily convert N number of MBOX files into the desired format at one. The tool supports MBOX files of all kinds and sizes, thus allowing users to directly convert their files without any need of altering the file names/ size (required in other software). There are several checkbox options available in the tool’s interface for selective email conversion as well.

Multiple Way to Generate PST File
The software enables a user to export MBOX to Outlook by merging all the MBOX files into one or by creating a separate PST file for each MBOX. Note that while adding the MBOX files into the software interface, an option “Use folder mode” will ensure that all the MBOX file imported are merged during conversion.

Feature to Split PST File

The tool provides a highly valued option of splitting the complete mailbox data into several smaller PST files. It ensures that the data after importing in Outlook do not hinder its performance which can happen in case of large PST files.

Select Files & Folders to Export

During the selection of export format, users are also given the choice to select the particular folders within the MBOX files for conversion. So, not only can you apply selective features on emails, but you can also convert only the required files and folders from within the added MBOX files.

Compatibility with Outlook versions

Once the tool exports MBOX to Outlook, it generates PST file(s) that are compatible with all versions of Outlook. Thus, users do not need to worry about the Office version they have. The PST file will be compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and so on. Even the Mac Outlook application supports this PST file.


This article is a result of the analysis of SysTools MBOX to Outlook converter software on a variety of parameters and comparison with other similar tools. There is no doubt that this software is one of the best available in the market. And since it’s developers are among the leading firms in email conversion, data recovery, and forensics, you can easily trust this software. Make sure to download the free trial version to export MBOX to Outlook to understand its simple yet accurate working.

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